Smart Logger

Wimera Smart Logger is an IoT device can be connected to the industrial machines to collect various analog and digital data from machine and external sensors and actuators, sends data to on-premise or cloud application using MQTT protocol.

Device can support

  • Wimera proprietary on-premise application
  • Any third-party on-premise application
  • Wimera proprietary cloud application
  • MS Azure based Wimera IoT cloud application
  • Any third party IoT cloud platform


Parameter Specification Additional Details
Board Name 1C Logger v3.0
Purpose Real time Monitor Industrial machine monitor
Input Supply 24VDC, 2A 32VDC Max
Controller Arm Cortex-4 80MHz
Memory 1MB + 256KB Internal Flash + Internal RAM
No. of Isolated Digital Inputs 4 24VDC
No. of Digital Output 2 Outputs with 24VDC
No. of Temperature inputs 2 Support for K-Type thermocouple
No. of Current Sensor Inputs 3 Max 100A
No. Float switch inputs 3 Float switch for Level
Timer RTC External
Interface RS485 x 1 Master or Slave
Storage 16GB SD card + 128KB External flash For Data storage + Board internal Status storage
Connectivity Wi-Fi External Board (Add on)
Operating Temperature 0 to 85°C As per Industrial standard
Environmental spec Industrial Grade
Enclosure Optional on need basis