Shop-floor Digitization Solution

Shop-floor Digitization Solution

Wimera offers Shop-floor digitization solution for the industrial plants helps in digital transformation to remove all the papers used during production process in the shop-floor.

End-End IoT digitization solution integrated with existing ERP. MES, Quality and other applications can help Industries to adopt Industry 4.0 to improve production, quality with optimized cost.

  • Operator interactive dashboard
  • Production and Condition monitoring.
  • Maintenance management.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Alerts.
  • Reports.

Shop-floor Paperless Management

  • It helps in optimized use of machines and improves operator efficiency by monitoring idle time, prompts operator to book the idle time with a reason if it is idle beyond expected duration.
  • It offers to build various types reports that helps in bring insights on production, operation, quality and build analytics
  • Alert notification and escalation matrix helps in addressing the issues on priority that helps in avoiding delay and improve overall efficiency
  • Ticket management system helps in managing the maintenance requests, assign to maintenance team and tracking the same for closure