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Case Studies

CNC Solution

  • Machine Runtime, Idle & Breakdown time
  • Overall Equipment efficiency
  • Alerts for over speeding and mis-use
  • Alerts for Coolant and Lubrication levels
  • Production Qty, Rejection rates
  • Actual Cutting time, Tool life alert
  • Vibration and Energy Trends

Injection Moulding Solution

  • Nozzle Temperature
  • Melt and Mold Temperature
  • Cooling rates and Time Stamp
  • Screw Back Pressure

Compressor Solution

  • Process parameters and Set-points
    • Compressor suction pressure
    • Compressor discharge pressure
    • Compressor motor current
    • Compressor capacity, etc.
    • Compressor motor RPM low/high
    • Oil filter diff. pressure High
    • Compressor motor current High, etc.
  • Alarms
    • Compressor suction pressure Low Compressor discharge pressure High


  • From Storage Tanks and Electroplating Machine to Wimera Data Logger (with Sensors)
  • From Wimera Data Logger (with Sensors) to On Premise PC For Device and Application Server

IoT Enabled Solenoid Actuators

Reduce abrupt breakdown by Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Electroplating Machine Monitoring Solution

  • RFID Tag for Bay Identification
  • Weighing of Raw Material from Different Bays and charging the furnace

Shop Floor

Shop-floor Paperless Management

Data Collection when shift starts

  • Operator enters data before shift starts
  • Selects Employee ID
  • Select the FG part number of the product to be produced for the shift
  • Number of products per cycle

Operator Idle Time Booking

  • Machine goes to Idle status for more than 15 minutes, Operator will be alerted to book idle time
  • Operator books idle-time under Break-down reasons

Shop-floor Quality Management

Operator scans the part after production

  • Optional Barcode or QR code scanning for part count
  • Operator scans for each product after the production
  • Part count from scanner will override the part count from machine that gives better accuracy

Operator inspects and enter quality data

  • Operator inspects the part after the production
  • Classify into good, rework needed and rejected
  • Operator Rework reason or Reject reason on Operator dashboard based on the quality