On-Premises Solution

On-Premises Solutions


The Dashboard page provides an overview of the application. The tabs / buttons display the different functional areas within the application.

PMS Analysis

The shift timings are displayed in the top right, and the machine details are on the left top, Here you get to know the status based on the shift with respect to the timings(i.e in seconds/hourly basis) . For every shift change the values are reset.


Reports can be generated according to date, machine name, shifts. We can select a perticular shift or machine or we can get a consolidated report. Reports for CMS are genrted for each parameter like, X-AXIS Load/Temperature etc.

Tool Life Managament

  • Tool list with life count and current Count
  • Send SMS Alerts to Tool room for life crossing 90%
  • Update tool data from Barcode/ QR code
  • History reports of Tools

Reports in Mail

  • Recieve Reports on every shift end in your mail
  • Recive reports for consolidated Data after every shift

Preventive Managament

  • Add / Update all Maintenance Checklists
  • Schedule Maintenance – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Analyze with Alarm history and enhance checklist
  • Maintenance execution and update checklist

Operators Dashboard

Operator dashboard can show the machines belong to the logged-in Employee with Employee ID, Login time, Date, Shift details are displayed along with live production and OEE data