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automotive overview

Automotive Industry has gone beyond just moving vehicles. It is about intelligence, smartness, high performance, eco-friendly, audio video experience, telematics, mobility, social media and analytics. It is about providing innovative engineering solutions in a cost-effective package.

Wimera works with automotive manufacturers and automotive research and development companies in leveraging SMAC technologies to reduce operational costs and time for launching new product, that could deliver a connected experience to customers and help engage through customer lifetime.


IoT Service Offerings


& Solution

Order Fulfilment and Fleet Tracking: unique solution for real time order tracking using GPS and optimization of delivery process integrated with CRM

  • – Ensure vehicle availability/options to optimize operational costs
  • – Daily demand based route plan
  • – Driving directions to vehicle drivers using GPS
  • – Inventory tracking from source to delivery point
  • – Reprioritizing delivery schedule and real time order status tracking

Breakthrough technology that enables 3D images with very low footprint on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. It allows for interaction with the 3D model and ensures an enhanced user experience during the sales process, customer interaction during and after sales, training for technical staff, making an electronic catalogue etc.

  • – Ability for OEMs to update content dynamically
  • – Enhanced brand/product experience for customers




Wimera takes Domain-centric approach in delivering competencies to OEM in
next-generation technologies like connected cars, NFC, and V2V communications to help them build new age products.

  • – Embedded Systems: Services in advanced driver assistance systems, active safety,
    body electronics, infotainment and navigation, instrument clusters and telematics.
  • – Hardware Capabilities: In-board and system design, reliability engineering,
    verification and validation, and value-added services

Mobility Solutions