IOT solutions

industrial equipment monitoring and controlling


Customer/OEM Challenges

  • Efficiency and energy performance of the equipment – Monitor performance against rated calculations to achieve maximum throughput and save operating costs.
  • Optimally service, maintain and support the equipment during entire life cycle – Awareness of failures only post-facto.
  • Lack of failure data of probable causes unless service team actually visits the sites and performs primary diagnosis – High down time and maintenance costs.
  • Very little insights into how the equipment being utilized on the field – Having this information is vital for continuous product improvements and it’s overall effectiveness.

our solution

Asset Health

The vital parameters of the assets measured using customized & in-built sensors

  • Sensor to measure top oil temperature, ambient temperature, humidity & gas in oil content
  • Determination of voltage at measurement tap of bushing (three phase)
  • C.T to measure load current (single phase)
  • Estimation of oil pressure of bushing
Asset Connectivity
  • GPS sensor for location of the assets,
  • GSM GPRS/3G module gives the connectivity to push vital parameters to cloud /data aggregation
Asset Care
  • Real-time monitoring asset from remote locations were connectivity is unreliable
  • Centrally analyse health of asset fleet and seamlessly integrate with IT Infrastructure for maintenance tickets and quality feedback to operations

architecture diagram

features & benefits

Data acquisition from instruments/ PLC controllers/ SCADA/ embedded controllers/ energy meters using various standard interfaces such as:

  • Sensors/ instruments interface using IO modules supporting standard signal types (e.g. 4~20 mA etc.)
  • PLC controller protocols (All major vendors’ protocols supported e.g. GE, Rockwell, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi etc….)
  • SCADA system interface through OPC/ ODBC/ file exchange etc.
  • Embedded controllers’ and energy meters’ data using Modbus (RTU/TCP)

Database and application is hosted on cloud with SaaS (Software as a Service) model

Secure user management and user role based data and analytics access

Easy to deploy, modular and scalable architecture