Industrial I-IoT Solution for MSME

Industrial I-IoT Solution for MSME

  • Wimera provides SaaS based production and condition monitoring solution for industrial machines. This product is designed to provide core and critical features required for MSME to manage their shop-floor to improve the overall efficiency of the machines and operators, reduce machine breakdowns, improve the quality of the production and act promptly on the issues.
  • MSME Industries can start their digital transformation without hefty capital investment in on-premise software solution by implementing Wimera SaaS Solution on their machines and start getting insights on the machine operation, condition and production with a reasonable monthly subscription.
  • The industrial IoT solution offers comprehensive configuration option where each customers requirement can be accommodated. The following are core features of the solution

  • Role based login offers features for supervisors, operators and others. The role and features can be defined by customer.

  • The shop-floors usually has different types of machines where each type of machine may have different types of data acquisition interface. Wimera supports all kind of machines with Wimera Edge hardware to acquire core critical parameters.

  • Monitor machine status from any-where using laptop, mobile or tablet.

  • SMS and email alerts on