Remote Monitoring of Cooling Towers in a Chemical Plant

Challenge Environment

Cooling tower is subjected to various issues, some of which are remarkable to cooling tower’s properties and how they work. What’s more is that large numbers of these issues expand upon each other, making an endless loop of upkeep issues while perhaps not appropriately tended to in general. From Scaling to Major chemical errors lead to failure of Cooling towers.

Desired Outcomes

  • Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns by Remote monitoring
  • Provide accurate Data for building models for predictive maintenance
  • Maintain Live monitoring of Inlet & outlet temperature with alerts for thresholds
  • Examine Induction Motor Monitoring – Current and Vibration parameters

WIMERA Approach

We at Wimera had utilized technology to provide service to our chemical treatment industry partner with the use of remote monitoring to continue to provide reliable cooling tower procedures, which enables:

  • Monitoring Systems Using Cloud-Based Solution
  • 24*7 Live Feed
  • Real-Time Alarming Alerts for any kind of failure

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