What is important for the success of the Industrial IoT Implementation on Shop floor

Any Industrial IoT solution to monitor on the shop-floor to improve the operation efficiency of the machines should have the capability of data acquisition from all kinds of machines on shop-floor which is important for the success of the Industrial IoT solution.

Wimera Solutions have the capability to acquire data from all kinds of machines with or without standard data access interfaces.

Wimera IoT hardware has the capability to capture various data like temperature, pressure, machine status, vibration, weight, level, etc. from the machine and send them to Wimera application. This hardware can be connected to the Machines where the standard interfaces for data access is not available.

Wimera IoT hardware supports ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G. It can support any other communication channel based on the requirement. The choice of communication makes it possible to support based on the plant location and exiting IT Infrastructure.

Wimera can acquire data directly from the machines with standard data access interfaces and supports standards like FOCAS, MT Connect and OPC. It can support any other company V standards if available.

Data acquisition happens in on premise using various libraries based on the machine’s types.

Application can be deployed in On-Premise or in Cloud. Based on customer requirements, cloud application can be shared with other customers or a separate VM can be provided.

Data centralization is done in application, a component called Device server is converting the data into a structured format and store it in the database

It can support all the standard and mandatory features for all the machines based on the size data collected.

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