IoT Connectivity Solution

iot connectivity


Most sensor manufacturers and R&D houses focus on their main-line activity and may not have expertise to create a full product with connectivity. WiFi is one of most preferred connectivity as part of the IoT solution, especially so if it’s a consumer product. Wimera’s expertise can help the customer to quickly provide the connectivity solution.

Wimera has in-depth expertise in full stack development on WiFi connectivity solution. The solution has the capability to be configured in Station Mode and/or Access Point Mode. Wimera has the complete development tool chain to develop in-flash OS and NON-OS based applications to run on ESP module.


architecture diagram


features and benefits

Wimera has developed proven tools and frameworks that can provide connectivity to any sensor. The modular and reusable code can be quickly
customized to any customer requirements. Most firmware/software modules can be used as-is and thus help customer for a quick Go-To-Market.
Wimera has extended the stack to provide the following functionality:
  • Tools for configuration of WiFi module, that can be extended to configure the sensor
  • Test tools to test WiFi module and sensor
  • Modified development tool chain to produce the output binaries to support the required formats

Support for Micro Webserver

  • This enables the sensor to be configured by the user using a browser
  • The configuration pages can be fully customized as per customer requirements
  • The configuration can be Network Configuration and Sensor Specific Configuration

Support for SSDP – Simple Service Discovery Protocol

  • Complete SSDP support so that the device and its services can be easily discoverable
  • The device will be discoverable easily by Windows OS and retrieve the IP address of the device with a link to access the configuration

Support for Failover Buffering

  • This mechanism allows the device to store the data from the sensor in case of failure in connectivity
  • Based on the available flash memory, the framework can be configured to store the data from the sensor

Support for RESTful APIs

  • The micro-web server supports many RESTful APIs that enables the user to access the device data
  • This is completely customizable allowing the customer to define the data to be retrieved and its format (JSON/XML)


  • A simple message digest authentication is supported to provide the security to for the device and data

Support for FOTA Update

  • This is a very important feature to manage the lifecycle of the product
  • A full custom FOTA is developed by Wimera to meet customer requirements
  • The FOTA is capable to update the ESP image as well as the sensor software
  • A complete FOTA management suite of tools is available

Support for SNTP

  • Time stamp is very important to make any data sensible
  • Most often the sensors don’t provide support for real time clock
  • Our SNTP module automatically synchronizes the clock from any of the configurable SNTP servers at configurable frequency
  • Thus, any data will have a valid timestamp and thus the data gets meaningful

Support for WPS (WiFi Protected Setup)

  • WPS support with LED visual interface