About Us

Things beyond the connected world!


breaking silos by paving strategic future of
digital dimension

Wimera Systems is incorporated and headquartered in Bangalore, India and have presence in Europe with expansion plans in USA and Japan

  • our purpose

    To enable sustainable and economic growth in Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

  • our vision

    We dream to build a global organization that is definitive partner for businesses and society to bring innovative digital solution for sustainable and economic growth

  • our mission

    To be an end-to-end value creator for digitization, by collaborating with our global teams, our customers and everyone associated with us to realize digital transformation journey to produce sustainable competitive advantage. We believe deeply in creating a culture that allows innovations and quality to flourish.


core values

  • Reach higher

    We set stretched goals for ourselves to drive business growth and personal fulfillment. We know from experience, that innovative thinking and actions bring extraordinary results.

  • Attract and
    develop great people

    We offer our people a superior work culture that rewards results, entrepreneurial attitude, team work and mentoring. We thrive on diversity of our people and their ideas.

  • Make customers

    Though delivering what customer needs is our primary goal, we strive to make our customers successful in their business. We strongly believe that this will be the basis for our long term success.

  • Value engineering

    We are driven by shop-floor practicality and a positive “can do” mindset. We seek to turn innovative ideas into cash flow by working as a team and refusing
    to be stalled by complexity.

  • Excel in

    Our customers expect the highest standards of quality and…..” re-phrase it to “Customers always expect the highest standards of quality and…

  • Lead by

    Delivering what our customers need, when they need it, is the primary goal. We are committed to make our customers successful in their business, as the basis for long-term success in our business.


A set of core values and commitments that together form the
foundation to everything we do